Q: Who is Mercy Touch Mission International?

Mercy Touch Mission International was established in 2001 in Canada as a charitable Christian organization serving to meet the spiritual and physical needs of orphaned, vulnerable and marginalized children and youth in Zambia.

Q: Does the Mercy Touch farm currently make profit?

Mercy Touch has purchased a large plot of farm land equivalent to approximately 79 acres. The farm land has given the mission the opportunity to grow crops, raise livestock, poultry, fish, and create jobs for young people from the surrounding community. It also serves as a setting to teach life skills to our Mercy Touch children. We are currently working towards becoming more self-sustaining as the land is cultivated regularly. Farm produce is sold in nearby markets and to consumers in the surrounding community. In short, we are on our way to making more consistent profit as we finally have the resources that are required to do so.

Q: What is child sponsorship and how does it work?

Sponsors are a vital part of the functioning of Mercy Touch Mission International. A potential sponsor may choose a child that they would like to sponsor, or a child can be recommended to them by Mercy Touch management. As a new sponsor, one receives a brochure introducing them to their newest family member. Updates regarding the children are sent to sponsors semi-annually.

Cost and Payment Options: Sponsoring a child costs $40 a month or $480 a year. This cost covers school fees, uniforms, clothing and food.

We accept monthly payment methods by either automatic withdrawal (a void cheque is required), Visa/MasterCard through CanadaHelps, or cheques in monthly or postdated installments.

Correspondence: You may correspond with your child by e-mail (screened through the Mercy Touch office) or by written mail. Keep in mind that ground mail has a tendency to be pilfered. As there are frequent trips being made to Zambia by staff or supporters of Mercy Touch, letters can also be transported in this way. Christmas, birthday, and other gifts sent throughout the year are always appreciated by your sponsored child.

Can someone sponsor more than one child? Yes, you may sponsor more than one child.

How are children chosen as eligible for sponsorship? Children are selected through various programs operating in the community. In the past, children have been chosen from feeding programs that were run through Mercy Touch. Since Mercy Touch Mission International is officially recognized by the city of Ndola, children are being referred to us by civic agencies. Other children have also been chosen through recommendations by local child welfare programs. Currently, children are also identified as they attend the weekly feeding program.

Can a child sponsor send gifts? Small gifts are always welcomed, however due to pilfering of ground mail we request that all gifts be sent directly to the Mercy Touch head office. From there they can be transported by missionaries to the homes on a semi-annual basis. All gifts and packages must be screened and checked at the Mercy Touch office for safety and clearance reasons prior to being sent overseas.

Can a sponsor visit their sponsored child? A visit can be a very special experience for both the sponsor and sponsored child. However, it is necessary to contact the Mercy Touch office in advance to coordinate the visit and establish rules and expectations.

Q: What are some of the projects and programs implemented by Mercy Touch?

Long Term:
• In & out-of home child sponsorship
• Community projects
• Health care
• Training and community development

Short Term:
• Short term missions
• School outreach programs
• Emergency aid

Past Programs (2000-2009):
• The Chiwala school-sponsorship program
• Chiwala under-five feeding program
• Mackenzie Compound community school support
• Mackenzie Compound feeding program

Q: Are contributions eligible for tax benefits?

Mercy Touch will issue a tax receipt once a year for all contributions made in the previous tax year.

Q: Do you take in children that are HIV positive?

In short, we do not refuse children that are HIV positive. We do not however take in too many children that are HIV positive as we simply do not have enough resources to meet all of their needs. There are several NGOs that function solely for helping these children. We do however help in any way that we see fit, whether it be by providing medical care or referring them to a program that could best meet their needs.

Q: Are all of the children you take in orphaned?

Orphaned children are categorized into two general areas. Single orphans are children that have lost one parent, and double orphans are children that have lost both. Vulnerable children are children that are either orphaned or not, but are still in need of immediate protection and care. Most of the children in Mercy Touch are double orphaned, but there are a few single orphaned children. All of the children were found to be very vulnerable. We identify children in need through the help of social welfare, health clinics, or other reputable NGOs.

Q: Does Mercy Touch offer any internship opportunities?

It is possible to complete an internship with Mercy Touch in various areas through a reputable university, church, or bible college. A concrete internship program is currently being designed. Due to being a non-profit organization, internships are unpaid. An individual pursuing an internship with Mercy Touch must follow the rules and regulations set in place for volunteers from abroad. They must also go through a screening process.

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