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Mercy Touch Mission International was established in 2001 as a faith based organization with connections in the Netherlands, USA, Canada and Zambia. The organization was founded by Dr. Bernard and Anne Mukwavi. Their vision to minister to the needy and heart broken began as early as 1987, as the couple saw the growing needs of vulnerable people in Zambia. The couple quickly began to put their vision into action by meeting spiritual and physical needs of young people with the support of individuals and churches.

As church planters and pastors, Bernard and Anne also opened up their home to many young people who needed love and care. Overtime, Bernard and Anne have seen their vision expand and come to fruition with the help of others who have joined the cause and have become actively involved in the ministry.

Bernard and Anne are forever grateful to all individuals, churches and partners who have contributed to Mercy Touch over the years. Without this ongoing support, many disenfranchised individuals would be deprived of the opportunity to achieve a hopeful future.

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