About Us.

Who we are


Mercy Touch Mission International is a charitable faith-based organization founded in 2001. The ministry is located in Ndola, Zambia with connections around the globe. 


We provide education, medical aid, counseling, and family support through the children's homes. We also run various community outreach initiatives, farming for sustainability, business ventures, and a skills development program. 

Our mission

As a Christian organization, we exist to share the Life and Love of Christ with the needy by ministering to them holistically—spirit, soul and body.


Our Story

Mercy Touch Mission International was founded by Rev. Dr. Bernard and Anne Mukwavi. The couple started serving voluntarily in the early 90s to respond to the plight of children who had lost parents and caregivers to the HIV&AIDS pandemic, which had devastated the nation as a whole. 


The name "Mercy Touch Mission" speaks to touching the needy and vulnerable with mercy. Our purpose is to touch families in need and impact their community, one child at a time. Through appropriate strategies and care, we hope to lessen the suffering that children experience as they deal with the loss of parents and extended family members.


Over the years, with the support of friends, churches and businesses, the ministry has expanded to launch other initiatives serving to meet the needs of the vulnerable and disenfranchised in Zambia. 

Our vision

We envision that the people we minister to will be freed from poverty of spirit, motivation, and education; enabling them to positively impact their communities.